Do You Have Diabetes As I Do?

I suspect that some of you who were diagnosed to be diabetics are scared and feel like your whole world has fallen apart. You are not alone as there are millions of people with the disease.

You are fortunate to be looking at this site where you will get information on coping with this disease as I share my living experience at every stage with you. diabetes-logo1I encourage you to seek all the support and encouragement that you can get from friends, relatives and professional support groups including registered dietitians, exercise coaches, and most important of all, your family doctor.

You will learn how to live with diabetes and enjoy your life like everyone else.

Some of you who were diagnosed early are able to maintain control of your condition by following the doctor’s advice of testing your blood sugar daily, eating healthy and exercising regularly.

However, we must remember that everybody‘s situation is different and it might not be so easy for some of us.

An important point to take into consideration is that people develop this problem for different reasons so we have to be patient with each other and not think that it is just a simple thing.

Some individuals are dealing with issues, like stress, that become risk factors for diabetes and would need professional help to cope with the programs and the underlying complications.

During the many years that I have been dealing with issues related to diabetes, I did everything that was expected of me as a wife, mother, and career woman and never considered myself as being sick.

I always told people who wondered why I was carrying on with my life as though nothing was wrong, “I am not sick. I am lucky that I know what is wrong with me and how to control it, but I am worried about the people who have yet to find out what medical problems they might have.”

What About Those of You Who are Wondering if You Have Diabetes?

You can have signs and symptoms and not be aware if you do not know the warning signs. However, this frightening disease can be controlled with adherence to the doctor’s advice and information which you would gather from these notes.

You might be experiencing symptoms that you heard people talk about. They could be the early warning signs of this medical problem, which is so prevalent now and seems to be affecting millions of people of all ages.

You need to seek information and advice from your family doctor who will analyze your feelings and advise you accordingly. Start following all instructions immediately to try to avoid the eventual devastating complications.


A diabetic could live a long and fruitful life if the condition is accepted by the patient who will then have the courage to do what is necessary to go on with life for a very long time.

I was always confused about the information that Type 2 diabetes is mainly because of overweight. I had been at my ideal weight when I was diagnosed and for many years after that.

I am very interested in recent research that discovered a gene that is associated with lean patients who have the problem. Recent findings have also indicated that some people are obese but healthy and diabetes free.

According to EmaxHealth, the research included scientists from all around the world who were able to identify specific modifications near the gene. They were linked to Type 2 diabetes risk for the first time and associated only with lean patients who have the disease.

Just remember that the earlier the condition is diagnosed, the sooner treatment can begin. Therefore, if you are getting that strange feeling, it would be wise to see your doctor as soon as possible.

There is so much information available on this topic at this time but I concentrated on the frequently asked questions. In my simple notes you will read about the types of diabetes and the difference between each type.

You will also see notes on treatments and some of the popular medications that doctors use successfully. Explanations on complications are included.

To help me put things into proper perspective, I did research on reputable websites like The American Diabetes Association, Mayo Clinic, National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse, and Web MD.

I hope that you will be inspired to take the next step and make an appointment to get a medical checkup.

Some of you might be wondering where you can get some simple notes to help you understand what is going on. You have come to the right place.

Medical terminology could sometimes be a deterrent to your appreciation of information that you get on high blood sugar. The big words are a turn off, right? This is why I am sharing my notes and experience as a chronic diabetic with you.

I have been recording my ailments and seeking information that would help me cope with the issues. I took delight in doing this project so that I can place some easy to understand details all in one place. As I go along, I will share my varied experiences with you.

Those of you who have already been diagnosed with this disease could also read my comments and be aware of my life-long experiences with this disease. I hope that you all will take them seriously and do your part to change your lifestyle and try to either reverse the situation or delay the inevitable.

diabetes-logo1 I invite you to click on the topics listed below and read my simple diabetes notes, which are compiled to share my own experience as I struggle to beat the odds and survive over the last 34 years with chronic diabetes and its complications.

My demeanor was puzzlingly positive throughout this time!


I will appreciate your participation on the pages so that we can all try to help other people. If each one of us is able to reach out to at least one person who needed a wake-up call, we would have done a good deed. That would be gratifying!


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Diabetes symptoms could go unnoticed for a very long time. By the time some people realize that they have been developing the disease, they may already have complications.
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My Testimony

I had been diagnosed with diabetes many years ago and had the best medical care that anyone can ever have with the technology that was available at that time.

There were times when I cried and prayed for an explanation for the problems we had managing my diabetes regardless of all our efforts.

Recently, with aggressive research, I discovered information that explains the effect of stress on your body, especially if you have diabetes.

Nobody ever asked me about my stress level, and I still have not been exposed to that kind of therapy. Therefore, I silently continue with my struggle to beat the odds with a positive attitude and adherence to all medical instructions.

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